Hello, my name is Julia Arredondo.
I'm an artist, writer, budding entrepreneur, and zine maker. I loosely run two publishing entities, Vice Versa Press and Curandera Press and currently, I live in Chicago.

I'm originally from Corpus Christi, Texas and my mixed Latinx-Italo background has inspired a lifetime of exploration for me. Print media is the medium that I feel most expressive with, and currently I'm exploring the realm of wearable prints. I cut my chops early on making show flyers and organizing community events; and now I design, create, and produce artwork both for aesthetic and functional purposes. 

As of now, I'm a one-woman enterprise, and most of the commodity goods I have for sale I've created from scratch with my hands. I'm currently pursuing my MFA at Columbia Chicago so let's grab coffee if you're in downtown Chicago.