Out of Print

Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 2 is the follow-up zine to Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1. Written in 2014 and completed during a residency at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 2 explores thug love in subcultures including inmates, cat people, experimental musicians, greasers, stoners, and bosses.

The original copy-and-paste rubric was lost in the mail, so the last run is considered a "bootleg" edition and is a second-generation photocopy. OUT OF PRINT.

Complete with fashion tips, date ideas, and music with which to woo your respective gangster, this zine is an invaluable tool for navigating the vast and dangerous ocean that is the dating world. The author pools the information from personal experience—making it all the more relatable.
— http://razorcake.org/archive-featured-zine-reviews-issue-81/