Super pumped for my upcoming solo exhibition at Spudnik Press for the month of April. "Spatial Collage: Getting Wacky With It" is a total experiment on my part. Part merchandising front/ part collage; the exhibit will be installed with the spirit of hip-hop in mind and yo momma at heart. JK. Anyways, I'll get it together closer to the installation date. See ya.

More info from Spudnik Press HERE


Check out some of my work in the latest exhibition titled Obra Grafica at the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas. This piece, "Call Me", is now part of the Mexic-Arte Museum permanent collection. Cool huh?

Inspired by the one and only, Kevin Koehler of STL. 

Hi folks! We'll be releasing Guide To Being Broke & Fabulous Zine at The Lucky Number Seven Show in Oakland, California THIS THURSDAY! Zines, reading, snacks, and babes...what more could ya ask for? 

Anyways, to hook up with more information about this event, join the Facebook event page HERE!

It's gonna be a real good time. And get your copy of Guide to Being Broke & Fab in tha flesh!!!

Check out the events page for info on the upcoming where's and when's of my public being. In fact, I'll be tabling for Vice Versa Press at the Chicago Design Museum THIS FRIDAY!! For what, you say? For the ChiDM Holday Yard Sale, of course. Come out and say hi. Buy some stuff. Walk around. Try not to be totally overwhelmed by panic's embrace.

More info on the upcoming event HERE

Hi folks! Just letting you know that I'll be editing the final draft of Guide to Being Broke & Fabulous on a plane to Texas today. The zine is still scheduled to be released in mid-December and I can't wait to bind these babies into their final incarnations. 


Very big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me reach my goal with the Guide to Being Broke & Fabulous Zine Kickstarter campaign. The new zine will drop in mid-December and I'm climbing into hermit mode in order to make this baby happen. THANK YOU again for all of your support. I look forward to pouring my heart and soul unto Guide to Being Broke & Fabulous over the next few weeks.

Last week to check out some of my publications as part of the Page.Print.Post>Make A Book exhibit in the Main Miami Dade Public Library. Very honored to work with fantastic curators and artists who put this exhibit together. Show closes November 14th! 


Finished this poster for Obviously Offbeat last week in preparation for an upcoming show happening in St. Louis THIS FRIDAY. The entire poster was designed by me, and printed through Vice Versa Press. If you're in STL this weekend, wait a couple more days before pulling these off the walls. please. 

In honor of Dia de Los Muertos and All Souls Day, I'm relaunching the Good Hair Day 7-Day Prayer Candle through Vice Versa Press. Repping all of our fallen hairdressers and living workers in the beauty industry, our veladora candle pays homage to the saying "The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God." Amen.


Muchos gracias to HYPERALLERGIC for running a brief bit on my Guide to Being Alone zine for the New York Art Book Fair. Read the article online HERE! 


Also, both the New York Art Book Fair and St. Louis Small Press Expo went wonderfully. Special thanks to everyone who came out to help and to the public for making each event a success. God is good.


My Baltimore Breakups Pop-Up Zine made the Baltimore City Paper BEST OF 2015 list!! That's right, Baltimore Breakups was voted the best pop-up book of 2015. Thanks Baltimore.


Read the article HERE.

Touched base in Chicago about a week ago and now I'm preparing to scoot off to New York City to table with Vice Versa Press at the New York Art Book Fair.  I'm pooped but I'm preparing new screens to print new products for the show. Can't knock the hustle or it'll knock you.